© La Chouette Photographie
COLIBRI is a set of different suspensions simply made of a single sheet steel, folded and resting on a lamp socket.
The lamp plays on the combination of warm bending and graphic folding, it gives the lamp a feminine and masculine aspect at the same time.
Using different sizes, the suspension set is alive, always in movement. The light itself lives as well - partly hidden, partly visible.
© La Chouette Photographie
© La Chouette Photographie
COLIBRI suspension is a part of the PLI&CO'llection, as on the table lamp, the main idea is to make a elegant product but still affordable - with the minimum of element.
© La Chouette Photographie
© La Chouette Photographie
Dimensions :
- Small : 15 x 23cm
- Medium : 22 x 32cm
- Large : 28 x 40cm
First paper mock up
free to edition
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