Nowadays, we live in instantaneity ; we want everything, right now.
About thermal comfort, it's quite different - we can set a general atmosphere but very often we want heat or coolness quickly : during winter mornings, coming back from a long working day, after sport, ...
DEGRÉ is this thermal break. In addition to the general heating system, DEGRÉ is an auxiliary heating and/or air conditioner which creates a bubble of heat or coolness around the user almost instantly.
By its playful shape and its warm materials, it invites the user to get closer from it, even to use it - sit on it, sit astride, back against ... DEGRÉ is the rest next to the fireplace, it's the cat purring on our feet at the end of the bed, it's the coffee break in a snowy morning.
The heat is diffused towards the floor and thus grows around the product and the user. It also diffuses the heat through the foam and the upholstered fabric in order to get a nice and inoffensive temperature when sitting on it or when we put clothes on it to keep them warm. An upholstered hot gel bottle rests on the top to be used as a nomad extension of the product.
You can set the temperature directly on the minimal interface on the product or via a smartphone app.
A leather loop helps you to move it simply as your favorite pet.
Dimensions (L x d x h) : 60 x 24 x 40 cm
Materials : metal leg, radiator, foam, fabric, leather
design by Tim Defleur & Benjamin Helle
free to edition

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