Dégusté is a small product for wine tasting made from a recycled barrel. Recycling is a huge trend most of the time linked to economic issues, however, it's also becoming more and more an ethical argument. Here, bringing the Recycling into an high-end world was the bigger challenge.
The project has been designed for the Art Barrel 2016 contest and is part of the selected projects for some exhibition taking place in Bordeaux - the wine Capital in France.
The barrel affects the wine it contains and vice versa - oak wood and wine mix their flavours until the perfect match. It covers the wood by a deep thickness of wine and brings this nice burgundy color (bordeau).
Dégusté continues the barrel and wine story by using the barrel in the final wine tasting.
Dégusté is made to fit perfectly on a wine bottle - from Bordeaux - it can also be placed at the center of a table during a delicious meal.
It will diffuse a subtle smell - resulting the oak and wine mixing flavours. The smell is still experienced a few years after buying the product.
From one barrel, we can create about 100 Dégusté products. A limited edition so made with a barrel from a prestigious Maison de Bordeaux - ideal for wine tourism.
Each series will be a different story according to the wine that the original barrel has contained.
On the bottle, Dégusté is also a wine drip ring. The wood absorbs the wine drop thus the user will "feed" the product bringing more story and flavours according to the wines he tasted. A piece more and more unique.
_Materials :
Oak from wine barrel
_Dimensions :
60 x 15 (Ø x h)
_Pictures :
© Studio Helle
design by Tim Defleur & Benjamin Helle
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