True to its name, Glitch was born from a mistake. While sketching on a train from France to Brussels, the drawings were altered by the car's movement. Then, chose to embrace these flaws, combining human error with the precision of 3D printing. The result? A machine-made shape that mimics the imperfection of craft.
Glitch exhibits a unique profile that shifts depending on the angle of its viewer. From one side, it’s a simple shape; from the other, a balancing act is revealed.
A set of simple forms that play with asymmetry, center of gravity and our perception of balance. 3D Printed Porcelain, Numbered Edition.
Designed for OTHR and available on
Materials : 
Black or white gloss porcelain
Dimensions : 
_Big Glitch : 123 x 80 mm (Ø x h)
_Small Glitch : 85 x 115 mm (Ø x h)
picture by ©TimVanDeVelde for FreundeVonFreunden
picture by ©TimVanDeVelde for FreundeVonFreunden
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