ICONE is a unique wireless speaker which diffuses the sound at 360°.
Sound market is always evolving according to the evolution of the audio support - for example in the 80’s with the audiotape it was the boombox. Today we are in the wireless world. The aim of the project was to design an iconic product for Triangle - a french upmarket speaker manufacturer - and also why not for the sound market.
​We worked in team where I was in co-leading.
After analyzing the market, the users, their environment and the use, we started creating choices and develop several concepts. Then we made choices with our client in order to develop this final product : Icone.
It works with every wireless devices players through an interface we also designed. 
You simply send music to the speaker using Buetooth or Airplay. You can also order several speakers placed in different rooms for example. Finally, in the party mode, a Speaker can be ordered by many players with an administrator to share music, make discovering an artist, blindtest, etc..
Nostalgic people with CD players or turntables can still use the product with a usual analogic connection.
There is a subtle interface on the top of the product just in case you don’t have your player on you. You can also put your device on the top of the speaker if you want to reload it by the USB socket.
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