Little Note is a very simple clock made with a dry erase board as background dial. It creates an interaction between the user and his object in the way that he’s able to customize it and make it more personal.
Leave a note, a message for a family member or a coworker, create graphism, plan a meeting or deadline, etc... The Little Note Clock gets alive thanks to the user who can «change» his clock every days. The user takes part in the design process bringing his personality and state of mind. It has infinite possibilities!
The Little Note Clock is simple but graphic and visually recognisable. The pen is clearly emphasized under the round clock shape. The pen comes back and stays in place into the clock thanks to a magnet. It obviously reminds the old Grandfather clocks, and like this, it appeals to the collective memory.
Silicon external body and pen, dry erase board painted on metal or plywood, plastic back piece (ABS), metal hands.
Ext. diam. 33cm , height 49cm
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