SPIN GRAVITY is the simplest tray as possible. Made of a single sheet of steel, the tray is cut and then tightened to get a minimalist product which brings some poetry in the use.
When coming back at home, we are used to leave our keys, money, phone,… As a ritual, we put our stuff somewhere almost forgetting it. NENUPHAR is a minimalist tray which would always be in movement according the weight inside. Thanks to its simple shape, the tray stays in position and changes when there is another weight in it like a spinning top. On a cupboard or a shelf it would be a “focus point” – never static.
The sizes can be easily updated since it’s only a cut.
The conical shape allows stacking and easy packing.
The product is low-cost but still with a strong personality.
Dimensions :
Large : diam. 28cm h5cm
Medium : diam. 15cm h4.5cm
Small : diam. 10cm h3.5cm
Materials :
Lacquered sheet of steel
free to edition
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