"A breakaway in the lands of French Flanders  ... where the mountains are black and the houses are red, where foolery ("bêtises" in French) are candies and where the smiles of people are called the "northern sun" ... The designer pays tribute to his homeland and its industrial background with his "Ô de France" hooks. From a walk in the heart of coron - mining village in the north of France - the project is inspired by the famous red bricks shaping the old working class neighborhoods of the region and the irregularity of the material contrasts with the homogeneity of constructions.
As the duality between pattern continuity and imperfection of the material, each coat hook is molded and then handcrafted, in order to enlighten the material and ensure the uniqueness of each piece."

Texts and pictures : Designezvous

- Small :  Ø 6 x  6cm 
- Medium : Ø 7 x 6cm
- Large : Ø 9 x 6cm 
- Material : hook in dried earth, brass, nylon.

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